Our Role

Our financial consultants provide you with comprehensive and coordinated planning, managing the full spectrum of your financial needs.

They focus on your personal philosophies and objectives, which act as guideposts for our advisors to develop strategies in such key areas as investments, taxes, employee benefits, and estate planning. Our efforts will complement, not replace, any current planning in place. We understand you may have several advisors, each dealing with a separate aspect of your financial affairs: For Example. you may have an attorney who drafts your will and other estate planning documents, while your accountant prepares your tax returns.*

 Typically, each consultant operates independently and from a different perspective leaving you to coordinate their efforts. As our free time becomes increasingly scarce, due to ever expanding commitments and busy lives, it becomes much more difficult to act on recommendations in a timely manner. 

Financial Integrity advisors utilize their professional experience to help you make informed decisions and stay focused on your total financial picture.

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*Tax or legal services are not offered through, nor supervised by Lincoln Investment or Capital Analysts.