Our Process

Your financial plan will consist of six major areas within which our consultants asses your current position and point out possible problems that may prevent you from achieving financial objectives.

These six major planning areas are:

  • Retirement
  • Tax
  • Investment
  • Business
  • Risk Management
  • Estate

Through our five step process outlined below, our consultants design your financial plan and help you select planning strategies to help remedy any current shortfalls and plan for the future.

Data Gathering

    Our advisors will begin by collecting and analyzing extensive data on every aspect of your financial life, from your current investment holdings to every day living expenses. Because this data is integral and used throughout the entire planning process, they will need your help to ensure that it is consistently up to date and accurate.

    Evaluation and Analysis

    Next, our consultants discuss and quantify your objectives with you. These values are important because they act as measuring posts in assessing your current planning. They use modeling and forecasting techniques to understand your current situation and where it is taking you. They also outline events that may have an adverse impact on your planning, such as death or disability. This evaluation and analysis provides an understanding of where you stand today in relation to your financial goals and aspirations.


    Once our advisors understand your current situation and any potential pitfalls, they develop specific strategies to help you achieve your financial objectives. Your tailored program will be custom designed for your individual needs.

    Presentation and recommendations

    As your plan is being prepared, our consultant will meet with you and your advisors to explain their findings and recommendations. Upon completion of the planning, you are provided with an action plan which methodically sets forth the steps necessary to implement your personal financial program.

    If we were typical advisors, our role would likely end here!


    We believe our job is only half done at this point. Our advisors are results-oriented and their goal is to assist you in achieving your objectives, not merely developing a plan. Therefore, our advisors will work with you and other key members of your team, such as your accountant and various attornies to assist in the execution and implementation of the solutions they have discussed.

    Since life and goals inevitably change over time, our advisors will help you adapt and update your planning on an ongoing basis to stay on course.